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Our reputation is built on trust because we value and respect long term relationships with our Clients, Affiliates, Suppliers and Employees. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality research, investment recommendations and advice underpin everything we do, just ask our past clients
Social Responsibility: 
We believe we have a duty of care to the wider Community and the Environment and are very proud to be involved with two charities, in particular. Locally, we give our time to Imago, a Kent based charity. David Hawes-Gatt is also heavily involved with the charity DEBRA. Read more about how we are involved. 
Our Business and Mission: 
Life Planning: 
Making sure you actually get what you want from life. We encourage our clients to look ahead, set personal objectives and develop a step by step plan of how to get there. 
Helping Hand: 
Sometimes you know what you want to do, but don't know how to do it. We can help you identify what's important to you and assist in setting up different strategies to reach your goals. 
Making you aware of possibilities, encouraging you to think of areas you had not considered before. Having too many options can be as confusing as having none and the reaction to information overload is often to do nothing. If that is you, then maybe you just need someone to filter the alternatives and help you focus. 
Achieve Objectives: 
Focussed action that is linked to a real plan. Many of our clients, if left to their own devices, might not manage to achieve their goals. Our purpose in life is to do our utmost to assist you in reaching and attaining those goals. 
Risk, asset and tax management: 
Not just adhoc investing, but joined up strategies. Seriously thinking about the best path to take, weighing up the options and assessing the risks, trying to take the headache away from you. 
Keeping you up-to-date and aware: 
Information equals choice and while you have choices, the sky really is the limit. 
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